Innovate Dementia

Innovate Dementia develops and tests innovations in the home environment for people with dementia. The outcomes are aids which help people function better and give family care givers a helping hand. For example, a lamp that simulates sunlight during the day, which in turn is good for a deep and calm sleep at night. Or the GoLivePhone for senior citizens: which is a telephone with GPS that shows family care givers via the internet where the users are located. “Experiences of users show us quickly if something works or not, or if it needs to be developed more”, says project leader Joyce de Laat of Brainport Development. “We couldn’t whish for a better, and more enthusiastic testing group than this.”

Lively lab

Participating patients and family care givers in Eindhoven, form a so-called ‘living lab’. “They feel helped and included, because everything revolves around their input. What we have noticed, is that the project has a social function. Family care givers get in contact with each other. This was obvious when we organized an informal meeting where the people clearly already knew each other. It’s really a lively ‘living lab’!” Brainport Development is definitely the ‘linking pin’ between business and project partners from government, healthcare, and research. Innovate Dementia also has ‘living labs’ in Liverpool (England), Krefeld (Germany), and Antwerpen-Geel (Belgium). “Brainport Development initiated and coordinated Innovate Dementia in a European, INTERREG-context. We continually exchange ideas and results. In England for example, they have great success with a fitness program.”

Onto the market

The eventual goal is to make proven solutions available to people who can actually benefit from them. “Come on, get onto the market! – with an affordable price please.” Innovate Dementia helps give substance to the testing ground Dementia of the province ‘Noord-Brabant’. De Laat sees a movement unfolding that doesn’t stop at the end of the project. “I have faith in the strength of the network, and the design is now a blueprint for a broader regional Living Lab, aimed at different healthcare issues in the Brainport Eindhoven Region.”

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