Living Lab eHealth SkinVision

With the SkinVision smartphone app you can make excellent pictures of your skin, to share with your GP, to archive, or to send to expert for analysis online, for example if you’re scared about a mole. With this app as a starting point, ‘Slimmer Leven 2020’ started a ‘living lab’ in the Brainport Eindhoven region. Goal is to research possibilities for a better and more cost-efficient healthcare system with the use of eHealth. “SkinVision is a typical eHealth application and a good one too: it’s certified and easy to use”, says project initiator Marieke van Beurden.


In Living Lab eHealth SkinVision users help to further develop the app and to embed it in the medical world. “We are interested in two questions. To start, how can eHealth applications give people more control over their own health? Secondly, how can eHealth applications establish a place in healthcare and be of value there? Specifically with SkinVision and online monitoring we hope to achieve that people become more aware of the health of their skin, so they don’t unnecessarily have to go to the doctor or dermatologist whilst in the meantime being able to detect skin problems early on. If healthcare organizations effectively use this and appropriately organize professionals and treatments, then huge cost savings will be possible.


The whole healthcare chain is involved in the project. Therefore ‘Zorgbelang Brabant’ is a partner that brings the users of the app and their interests forward. “In the beginning of 2015 we want to start a pilot with three GPs in the region that SkinVision promotes among their patients. Currently even dermatologists of the ‘Catharina Ziekenhuis’ and the ‘Maxima Medisch Centrum’ are working on the project, and if the pilot goes well it will be intended that in the course of 2015 we will be significantly upscaling and more GPs of the groups SGE, PoZob and DoH will be using the app.

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