There are more and more aids and healthcare innovations coming to market that help seniors live self-sufficiently at home for longer. ‘’ shows what’s available and offers clear information, product comparisons, and independent user reviews to help make the right choices. In this way the website assists the modern healthcare consumer. “The new older generation consists of critical consumers that are full of life and know what they want”, says cofounder of the website, and applied gerontologist Ilse Schoormans. She is annoyed by the stigmatization of the elderly as ‘old and jaded’. On the banner of ‘’ shines an energetic, representative older lady. Besides this, younger visitors are also welcome on our website.

Red button

Often it is a government or a healthcare organization that decides what is the best for customers. “Which medicine dispenser. Or which neck alarm. One with a large, red button for example. This whilst a wrist alarm, in the shape of a designer watch, is also possible. Although it’s a more expensive option, it’s still a decent option for someone who can afford it.” Website visitors on ‘’ will find products and services in different categories: health, housing, nutrition, mobility, safety, and communication. A part of our collection is available in the stores of sales partner Paradigit. A web-shop is in the making. “And we want to link an interactive platform to it, to create an online community.”

Complementary link

Schoormans and companion Marcel Clerx don’t just focus directly on the consumer, they also advise suppliers of products and healthcare providers on user needs. “We see ourselves as the complementary link between supply and demand, with as goal the stimulation of the consumer market. We do this together with strategic partners, such as Paradigit and Radboud UMC.”

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