Learning network Self-Management & eHealth

As ‘region of Smart Health’, the province ‘Noord-Brabant’ is pushing for innovation in healthcare, with the emphasis on the development of eHealth applications. A key role is the testing ground Self-Management & eHealth: which is a combination of ‘living labs’ in the field of eHealth. “Final goal is to come to a successful, large-scale implementation of useful technology”, explains project leader Marieke van Beurden. ‘Slimmer Leven 2020’ has the task of expanding the testing ground to a province-wide, learning network. “In the Brainport region we are already well-organized; the rest of Brabant is what we would like to include.”


The testing ground focuses itself on smart (IT) devices that make people more self-sufficient and give them control over their own health. Examples of – described elsewhere on this website – testing ground projects are Living Lab, eHealth, SkinVision, and EDL De Coevering. “We work on creating a larger awareness of the possibilities of eHealth among all involved: consumers, healthcare professionals, SMEs, and government. Starting point isn’t what is technologically feasible, but what is there a need for? With the direct project partners, we look at what the largest concerns are that people run into during projects. In the network we share the knowledge and experience regarding proven valuable applications, to know how to increase the practical implementation of them as soon as possible.”


Netwerkpartners van de Coöperatie Slimmer Leven 2020, onder andere: verzekeraars, huisartsengroepen, VV&T, ziekenhuizen, patiëntenorganisatie Zorgbelang en bedrijven.

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