Healthcare Circles

In the Southeast region of Brabant seventeen healthcare organizations intelligently work together in night care. These are nursing homes, small-scale housing, assisted living, and homecare. At night, the employees are deployable for clients of multiple organizations, within so-called ‘Healthcare Circles’ which cover certain areas. Each circle has one or more employees ready to be deployed. “The result is a good availability of healthcare during the night”, says Jacqueline Kuppens who supports the initiative. “Sometimes it is a puzzle to arrange a circle, but currently we have lots of experience at our disposal and the collaboration is becoming increasingly easier to establish. Various Healthcare Circles are now long past the project phase, and they are focusing on continuing and improving cooperation.”

Extra manpower

Optimal help for clients is paramount. That’s why the Healthcare Circles make use of technology for supervision and alarming, wherever possible. Signals are received in a center that then calls for appropriate assistance, varying from neighbors and family caregivers to emergency care and employees. 

Steering committee

Healthcare Circles are an initiative of healthcare organizations. A steering committee oversees the further development of the Healthcare Circles. This steering committee consists of directors and managers of participating healthcare organizations, delegates from knowledge institutions, and the board of the cooperative ‘Slimmer Leven 2020’.

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