Open Data 4 Health

More and more people generate information about their own health, because they use technology such as the iWatch, home automation systems, health apps, and e-health systems. Open Data 4 Health wants to offer a platform for storing personal data. “It’s a missed opportunity if we don’t do anything with the growing amount of personal medical data”, says project leader Marcel de Pender. “Collecting and making this data relevant, is of importance when developing useful new healthcare services, and a higher quality of life.” ‘Open Data’ doesn’t mean that everyone has access: “Individuals will stay owners of their own personal data and will be in control of it.”

Smart, to say the least

Open Data 4 Health is a typical infrastructure Project.  “Above all a ‘Slimmer Leven 2020’ project, which takes away barriers and stimulates the introduction of smart technology. Especially smaller market parties, that can’t upscale easily on their own, will benefit immensely.” Starting point for the Open Data 4 Health project is the existing online messaging traffic of ‘Stichting RZCC’, between the first and second line of healthcare. “Scans and photos for example, go from hospital to doctor and vice versa, but patients are not included in this stream of data. First of all, we want to start modernizing this, whilst also guaranteeing privacy.”

Accelerating innovation

Next step is constructing a basic infrastructure for Open Data 4 Health, by building on the high-quality broadband facilities in the Brainport region, to eventually fulfill more than just a regional function. “Even initiatives from outside the region, elsewhere in Europe, will soon be able to use data to accelerate innovation.”

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