eHealth Week 2016

08-06-2016 t/m 10-06-2016 Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

eHealth Week 2016 is organised by the Dutch Ministry of Health, the European Commission and HIMSS Europe. This year’s educational programme will focus on three main themes: Empowering People, Trust & Standards and Innovation & Transition.

eHealth policies are changing. Until now, policies have mainly focused on institutions and IT systems: today, that focus is shifting and is now being placed on eHealth users. The people who are using eHealth are becoming increasingly involved in the discussion and being placed at the heart of eHealth policy-making.

The Netherlands is one of the most digitally mature countries in Europe and is home to one of the three HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 hospitals in Europe as well as having eight Stage 6 hospitals: it is an ideal place for the European eHealth Community to come together!

If you want to secure your place in Amsterdam please send Ela Staniuk an email at

For an overview of the programme, please click here.